“Founded in 1989”

“Industrial vocation in the construction sector”

“Specialization in structural calculation and design, detail engineering, arquitectural design and installation calculation, realization of construction projects, metallic structure fabrication and assembly”

To satisfy all your necessities we can also
manage your complete construction
“key in hand”, including civil engineering,
facilities, finance management and project development.

TOBESA S.L., a company founded in 1989, belongs to CUE group and is specialized in metallic edification, starting with architecture services, engineering, fabrication and transport, and even commissioning projects.

TOBESA S.L. has stood out with a clear industrial vocation in the construction sector since its beginnings, assuring deadlines, guaranteeing quality and assuming as their own agreements with their clients. This policy has made TOBESA S.L., a reference point in its sector.

To optimize projects in technical and economic areas, TOBESA, S.L. specializes in:

  • Structural calculation and design / Detail engineering.
  • Design and installation calculation / The realization of Architectural projects.
  • Metallic structure fabrication.
  • Metallic structure assembly.

TOBESA XPORT makes every effort to offer you the best guarantee in integral management and carrying out of any kind of project.

The technical advice and integral management of the projects, complement the execution of the construction and installations at the agreed price, with no unexpected events, delivering the quality and end-product agreed.

Our productivity and commercial infrastructure guarantee the strict compliance of the deadlines agreed.