“Our organizational capacity and physical presence allow us to guarantee the best service in industrial metallic buildings.”

“From basic projects to key in hand.”

“Structural calculation and design and detail engineering. Architectural design and installation calculation. Executive architectural projects, metallic structure fabrication. Assembly and enclosures.”

Structural calculation and design / detail engineering

We offer comprehensive development of the project execution, proposing always the more convenient materials and finishing for each site and respecting the rules, regulations and valid parameter calculation.

Our work includes the following items:


  • Inspection and optimization of thestructure. The area of these applications includes suggested improvement solutions and the proposal of new alternatives in design. Optimization looks for a commitment between structural sizing, possibility of production, assembly and transport, to improve cost and realisation time.
  • Calculation for welding or screwing.During this process structural modification can appear which are documented for their corresponding approval.
  • Structural modelling. Using a 3D design computer program, the building is represented, geometry is checked and the possible collisions between different elements are analyzed and solved.
  • Manufacturing drawings. Drawings are developed of every building piece, and their kit, which form the metallic structure to manufacture at the workshop.
  • Materials list. This includes screws, primary and secondary structure. This information is elementary for material supply.
  • Assembly instructions. 2D, 3D plans and display screens which simplify enormously the assembly teams job.


  • Modelling. Acording to the model designed for the structure, the enclosure solutions applicable to the project are implemented and personalized for each typology and manufacturing of roofs and façades. The finishing touches and elements which guarantee the unit air and water tightness are also designed.
  • Material list. This includes plate kits, panels, sheets, translucent materials, finishing touches and other elements (doors, ventilators, gratings, …).
  • Assembly instructions. 2D, 3D plans and display screens which simplify enormously the assembly team`s job.
    Design computer software

    • Tekla Structures
    • Autocad
    • Inventor
    • Microstation
    • Solid Edge

    Calculation computer software

    • Metal Building Software
    • Power Frame
    • Power Connect
    • Cype

Architectural design and installation calculation / Executive architectural projects

Architectural project

The project gives shape to the creative process on paper and transform the ideas out of sketches, outlines and diagrams until we have a satisfactory solution for our client.

All projects carried out by our company are studied carefully and with maximum care, trying to achieve our clients` maximum satisfaction.


During work execution process, Our professional team monitors an exhaustive follow up of construction work to assure work difficulties are as minimum as possible, and the final result response to the clients` expectations.

Construction management is this company´s strong point and one of the procedures best valued by our clients, who support us by ordering new projects on numerous occasions.


We adapt to any design order in any architectural project, contributing with our experience and knowledge of materials, conferring a personalized style to our clients requirements.