“We are present in America and Europe”

“CUE group, to which we belong, also has its own shipping company, as well as its own facilities at the port of Bilbao. Our logistic operations are backed by 50 years’ experience in the field.”

Our main offices are in Bilbao (Spain). From our headquarters we organize metallic structure fabrication in countries such as Morocco, Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia.
95% of our production is carried out for foreign countries.

Group companies

  • Mancunor

    Offers enclosure services and industrial building maintenance.

    Industrial unit enclosures:

    Our clients are offered all the options the market offers to enclose their industrial units, providing a large range of solutions in roofing and facades, to guarantee water and air tightness and insulation in each case and at the same time provide each building with personality using multiple variety of finishing.

    Industrial units maintenance:

    Industrial units are buildings constructed and assembled with perishable materials, which need a periodic and strict monitoring to prolong their useful life and performance as much as possible, so that they can provide the best and most durable service.


    Subsidiary company of Tobesa Xport in Mexico, which is in charge of the projects developed entirely in Mexico. Recently founded, the company is now developing projects for Mexican clients which require civil construction, importation of merchandise and other specialized characteristics. Situated in the same headquarters in México, Col. Juarez, D.F.


    A Tobesa Xport company, dedicated to steel transformation. The company Hontoria Mex was founded with the vocation of becoming a steel transformation Centre. At present, It has machinery and staff that carry out numerous cutting procedures and transformation of steel plates into different thicknesses.